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How to set up a Parent Child relationship with FOSElasticaBundle

by Ben Stinton - 20th May 2015

Symfony2 FOSElastica ElasticSearch

Parent Child relationships in ElasticSearch have some big disadvantages, which mean they will never be as widely used as with a relational database. For example; The child must exist on the same shared as the parent, therefore the parent must be created before the child. This make it impractical to have long chains of relationships. They only support one parent, i.e. OneToMany. ManyToMany is not... Read More

How to use Elasticsearch aliases with Symfony2 and FOSElastica

by Ben Stinton - 17th April 2015

Symfony2 FOSElastica ElasticSearch

Elasticsearch is an incredibly powerful tool which can really help speed up listings and search in your web application. However, as your app grows and your types become more complex it becomes even more important to improve your testing and make further development simpler. Aliases allow you to point different indexes for different environments, and also to seamlessly switch between them. For... Read More